Stew Thornley
Joining the FCH Rotary breakfast meetings on Zoom:  open the link below, click on Open Zoom Meetings, and follow the prompts.
March 16, 2022
15 members, including 3 on Zoom, heard Minnesota Department of Health spokesperson and educator Stew Thornley review the status of drinking water quality and supply in the state. Describing its status overall as “good”, Thornley enumerated the types of contaminants—bacteriological and chemical—the types of chronic and immediate health problems to be guarded against, sources of pollution (surface water—rivers and lakes—need more treatment), and types of treatment, chlorine and ultraviolet light. Older water conduits, iron and lead, add their own pollution dangers and affect the taste and smell of drinking water. The state does not treat for taste or smell, but many communities and the 25% of Minnesota residents getting their water from private wells choose to do so. MN DOH collects annual water reports from all Minnesota communities. 
In organizer Mark Grotewold’s absence, Bob Tholkes announced that  9 volunteers have signed up to work at Hops for Hunger, SACA’s March 25 fundraiser. Signup will continue through the month. to add your name to the list of volunteers who have signed up and receive details contact Mark Grotewold at
Steve Klaers announced that the STRIVE group will have a field trip and lunch in April; date to be announced. 
The next Zoom meeting of the Operation Pollination group will be held Tuesday morning, April 5, at 7:30 a.m. Contact organizer Kristen Stuenkel with any questions at The link to join the next is
Speaker on March 23: Member Gordon Backlund, chair of the Fridley 49er Days Festival, will provide an update on the plans for resuming the longtime event.