May 2 Breakfast
A goodly crowd of 24 members, exchange student Pascal Boehner, Columbia Heights STRIVE coordinator Scott Roehm, and Columbia Heights STRIVE students Steven Diaz, Andrew Jimenez, and Antonio Zarco heard guest speaker Scott Hickok, Community Development Director for the City of Fridley, explain his department's functions and list the major current development projects. Development in Fridley, as the Scotts (Hickok and Mayor Lund) say, is hot.
Exchange student Pascal Boehner described his recent athletic activities, and showed a video of his recent dramatic, come-from-behind victory in a two-mile race for Columbia Heights High School's track team.
Bob Olsen announced that the 49er Days Fun Run will be held on Thursday, June 14 and the wine tent on Saturday, June 16. Volunteers needed for both.
Craig Malm announced that 400 bikes were given away at last month's Bikes for Kids event, and thanked the club members who volunteered to help.
President Wysopal invited all members to attend the Board of Directors meeting to be held at noon on Thursday, May 3.
A sign-up sheet was passed around for members to volunteer to join the Sergeant At Arms meeting rotation for 2018-2019; 12 members (Thank you!) signed up.
Gordon Backlund announced that the summer picnic will be held on Wednesday, august 15, at the usual place, Locke Park in Fridley.