September 19, 2018
Jackie Thompson (left) and Alisa Phelps, Reading teachers at Fridley High School, with President Josh Lund
19 members and former member Dick Harris heard Fridley High School Reading teachers Jackie Thompson and Alisa Phelps describe the Reading program's efforts to give FHS students reading below grade level-- about 10% of the student body-- the skills to become stronger, more powerful readers. Reading classes are divided into "tiers", depending on individual students' reading levels.
Scott Lund announced that seven have signed up for Sunday's "Mystery Tour" social event, which will leave from Shortstop Grill at 2:00 pm.
Tim Blank reviewed plans for this year's Dictionary Project and requested additional volunteers.
President Josh Lund announced that the next club board meeting will take place at 9 am on Wednesday, Oct. 3, at Fridley City Hall.