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October 27, 2021
17 members heard six officials from Fridley Public Schools discuss the referendum of November 2 and the issues surrounding it. Though optional, the Fridley school board decided to stage the referendum to achieve community engagement. FPS wishes to add sufficient elementary school classrooms to enable the district’s 5th graders, who since 1995 have attended Fridley Middle School, to instead remain in the elementary school setting. Benefits and the financial impact for homeowners were set out, by the speakers and via a video. Presenters: Jake Karnapp, School Board; Jael McLemore and David Webber, Communications and Community Relations; Barbie Roessler, Business and Finance Director; and members Kim Hiel, Superintendent, and Stephen Keeler, Community Education Director.
Steve Klaers announced that members Norma Jean Falink and Brad Gudim will join himself and member Josh Callahan as Fridley STRIVE student mentors this year. The first get-together with students is scheduled for tomorrow. More mentors are sought.
Gordon Backlund had no sooner announced that one bellringing slot still remained available, for Wednesday, December 1, from 5 to 7 p.m., than Kim Hiel spoke up: she and Stephen Keeler will oblige. We will be ringing as in previous years at Sam’s Club in Fridley. 
Gerry Mrosla, a member since 2001, has resigned. He intends to sell his Fridley business and leave the area. Gerry maintained his membership for several years despite being unable to attend meetings.
Thank-you notes, most quite colorful, were passed around among today’s in-person attendees. They were from several recipients anong the 3rd-graders at Hayes Elementary School in Fridley.
Steve Klaers reminded that the STRIVE students’ first field trip is scheduled for Friday, December 3. Rotarians are as always invited.
A musical service celebrating the long life and career in music of Henry Smith, spouse of member Norma Jean Falink, is scheduled (COVID permitting) for Monday, November 22, at Colonial Church of Edina, at 2 p.m.
Speaker on November 3: senior member Gordon Backlund will close the recent series of classification talks intended to acquaint more recent members with the seniors’ stories.