Casey Mahon
Joining the FCH Rotary breakfast meetings on Zoom: open the link below and click on Open Zoom Meetings and follow the prompts.
September 22, 2021
Casey Mahon, former FCH Rotary member and current member of Elk River Rotary, appealed for support of Elk River’s fundraising project on behalf of the Magnus Veterans’ Foundation of Dayton, MN. The project plans to purchase a transporter for disabled veterans attending the foundation’s fundraising events. Mahon also described the work of the foundation in operating a wellness camp to provide physical, mental, social, and spiritual therapy for disabled veterans.
teve Klaers and Josh Callahan announced that Fridley’s STRIVE program will kick off with a student meeting on October 4, and urged members to sign up as student mentors.
A musical service celebrating the long life and career in music of Henry Smith, spouse of member Norma Jean Falink, is scheduled (COVID permitting) for Monday, November 22, at Colonial Church of Edina, at 2 p.m.
Gordy Backlund will schedule the club again for its longtime bellringing support of the Salvation Army, for 4-hour shifts on three Wednesdays during the holiday season, probably at Sam’s Club in Fridley. Please plan on volunteering for at least one 2-hour shift.
Members may sign up to deliver groceries for SACA on any Saturday. If you will be driving, provide your insurance card and driver’s license for SACA to copy for its records. Volunteer at
With the loosening of COVID restrictions other service projects can be planned. Please contact Service project coordinator Mark Grotewold with your ideas.
Club business cards with the club logo and contact information will be available at the meetings, and by request through the club email, Carry them around to give to prospective members!
Speaker on September 29 (postponed from September 8): Mark Maher, City of Fridley Community Services Director, will provide a program update.