April 1, 2020
Fridley & Columbia Heights Rotary not meeting at ShortStop Grill today.
Member Frost Simula singing at recent neighborhood outdoor concert
Member Amada Simula singing at recent neighborhood outdoor concert
STRIVE water bottle
Per STRIVE coordinator Steve Klaers, the water bottles ordered for this year's STRIVE students will be distributed when possible this spring. STRIVE activities for the spring have been cancelled.
INVOCATION- Kelli Bourgeois

A Shabbat Prayer for Healing in the Era of Coronavirus

Dear God,
We ask that You be there for us,
as you were for our ancestors,
a pillar in our midst.
Help us to turn to You, O God,
for guidance during these troubled times.
Give us strength for the weeks ahead.
Help us to reach out in love and compassion to one another,
to support those who are ill,
unable to leave their homes,
or who are struggling financially.
Be with our doctors and caregivers,
our nurses and scientists,
as they are working to develop a cure
and care for those who are ill.
Be with all who are ill and their families,
offering them Your compassion.
And, we pray, Your healing.
Be with our leaders.
Guide them to wise decisions
in these troubled days.
Be with us O God.
Help us to find the inner strength
to be patient when our nerves are tested.
Be our Still Waters
when we are surrounded by fear
and anxiety.
Be our Rock, to Whom we can turn
and give our worry and fears.

Be our Shelter.
Guide our steps
and keep us safe.
Help us to feel Your presence in these times of change.
Vern Hoium: Question- What is the best thing to do when you have a hole in the boat and water is leaking inside? Answer- Make another hole to drain the water!
Amada Simula- Our neighborhood has been meeting in the parking lot of Kordiak Park at 10 am and 6 pm each night for group exercise. We stand on the parking lot lines, at opposite ends so that we stay 10 feet away from each other. I lead the neighbors in 15 minutes of stretching and some strength exercises. It's fun to see everyone and good to be outside.
Kristen Stuenkel- I’m proud of all the school districts across the state who are providing free childcare for emergency/healthcare workers and food delivery for students and distance learning as of Monday to all our students from early childhood through 12th grade and beyond through our ABE programs!
Mart Grotewold- This Tuesday our Tulips have broken ground & saw the first 2 butterflies of this Spring - Morning Cloaks. Beautiful!
Board meeting: The club board met today as scheduled via Microsoft Team and voted to:
                Send out the April dues billing on schedule and deduct the normal charge for the five April breakfasts that we anticipate will not be held. Crediting of the charge for any further breakfasts not held will be considered at the next board meeting on June 3.
                Approve $8000 for the School Safety Project at Fridley Public Schools requested by Brian Weierke.
                Approve a donation of $750 to Lee Carlson Centers for general support.
                Approve a donation of $500 to the Columbia Heights Lions Club for the Columbia Heights Jamboree, if it takes place as scheduled.
The District 5960 Rotary Foundation Grants Management Seminars to take place in Stillwater on Saturday, April 4, and in Rochester on Thursday, April 14 have been converted to online sessions.
The club’s next social event, a mystery evening scheduled for Wednesday, April 15, has been postponed, and will be rescheduled.
The District 5960 Conference of Clubs will take place April 30-May 1 at the Mystic Lake Event Center, Prior Lake, has been cancelled.
The district Awards Team needs Rotarians to help determine which clubs should be the winners of our annual District Club Awards. This task is completed by email. It offers a glimpse into the activities of other clubs in our area. Contact Mitch Popple, District Awards Team Leader at ( if you will help. The process has been postponed until mid-May.
2020-21 District Governor Ed Marek of the St. Paul Sunrise Club will be installed on Tuesday evening, June 23 at the Wilder Foundation, 451 Lexington Pkwy, St. Paul.
The event website,, is up for the 2020 Classic is scheduled for Monday, July 20, at The Refuge Golf Club in Oak Grove, last year’s site.