Billing Blowup
No sooner had Treasurer Scott Bardell sent out the member billings for 2nd quarter than alert member (and golf tournament organizer) Bob Olsen noticed that he had not been billed for items purchased in connection with the event that he had charged to his account. He contacted the guilty party (secretary Bob Tholkes), who immediately realized that very few golf tourney-related charges had been billed. Scott has generously consented to issue updated billings to the members involved, and Bob T. apologizes for the problem. If you charged anything at the tourney to your account (or think you may have), please wait for the updated billing before paying your second quarter bill.
09.13.2017 & 09.20.2017 Rotempary


Rotary members gathered on Saturday, September 23, 2017 to help plant trees. The goal was to plant one tree per member each Rotary club. The holes were pre-dug ready for the trees, and there was a brief instruction period on how to properly plant the trees.
For the meeting of September 13:
  • District Governor Kyle Haugen presented on the goals he envisions for the coming year. He wants members to take initiative to help spread the secret of all that Rotary does to encourage membership. Member retention is also a focus. He also wants to be invited to the next chili cookoff.
  • September birthdays were also recognized to include: Mike Hilluka, Paul Westby & Amy Wild. District Governor Kyle Haugen was also a member of the September birthday club.
For the meeting of September 20:
  • Jeff Seeman presented. He grew up in Fridley and has 31 years experience as an investment advisor with Dougherty & Co. Also, Jeff has 16 years experience as a line judge for the NFL. He followed in his father's (Jerry) footsteps. He spoke of the importance of climbing the ladder within the football officiating industry and cautioned against participating at a level higher than your abilities warrant. He has officiated 4 Super Bowls and has the rings to show for his experience. Jeff intends to continue officiating until he turns 65.