Billing Blowup
No sooner had Treasurer Scott Bardell sent out the member billings for 2nd quarter than alert member (and golf tournament organizer) Bob Olsen noticed that he had not been billed for items purchased in connection with the event that he had charged to his account. He contacted the guilty party (secretary Bob Tholkes), who immediately realized that very few golf tourney-related charges had been billed. Scott has generously consented to issue updated billings to the members involved, and Bob T. apologizes for the problem. If you charged anything at the tourney to your account (or think you may have), please wait for the updated billing before paying your second quarter bill.
09.27.2017 Rotempary


21 members and exchange student Pascal Bohner attended, and heard guest speaker Jeff Ferguson, longtime head coach of the very successful Totino-Grace High School football team, present his guidelines for creating and maintaining a culture of success for coaches of young athletes and for the students themselves, both as individuals and as participants of the team.
  • Ten members planted 60 trees in Fridley last Saturday. Thanks to all!
  • Tim Blank passed around sign-up sheets for dictionary distribution on Oct. 4 in Fridley and October 18 in Columbia Heights.
  • Gordy Backlund announced a profit of $1,050 from the picnic in August.
  • Pascal for his minute described his weekend Youth Exchange club counselor Zac Hoang, which culminated in attending the vikings game on Sunday.
  • Craig Malm issued a reminder of the Lee Carlson Center Music for the Mind fundraiser on Oct. 19. He is filling a table for Allina. The club also paid for a table. Eight members will attend free of charge.
  • President Wally Wysopal raised the possibility of making a contribution, perhaps in cooperation with other Rotary clubs in the area, to Puerto Rican relief. The board will probably discuss it at its meeting on Thursday the 5th.